Famous Bear Club in Hanoi

Gathering of famous DJs and hottest Dancers

Coming to Sparta Beer Club, you will enjoy the high energy music party by famous Hanoi DJs such as DJ Tit, DJ Trang Moon, DJ Smoke, DJ Hung Anh, DJ Linh Linh ... and beautiful Sparta dancers showing their professional movements next to large beer towers in the awesome center stage. Principle of Sparta Beer Club is to always make effort to become the best fresh beer club in Hanoi.

Well-known beer club with entertaining shows

Daily funny gameshow

At Sparta Beer Club, guests can transform themselves into extremely powerful warriors by the large beer towers located at the center of the spectacular stage. Various art shows are organized daily with interesting entertainment Game Show.

Beer Club with Professional Sound And Light System

Capacity of more than 4000 people

Professionally invested with international standard sound and light system and 300 inch LED screen, Sparta Beer Club is definitely a true place for event, party, company gathering, birthday party, wedding ceremony... With selected professional and experienced program directors, Sparta has organized many unique events. So what are you waiting for? Let’s experience one of the top Hanoi event venues at Sparta!

Menu of more than 200 savory dishes made for beer club

Diverse menu with delicious Asian and European dishes prepared from famous head chef in Hanoi. Sparta Beer Club Restaurant is rated as the best restaurant in Hanoi.

Australian Rock Steak

Sparta grilled ribs

Fried Chicken Wing

Roasted Chicken Cartilage

Tomato Cucumber Salad

Cheesy Baked Prawns

100 types of fresh beer available at Sparta Beer Club

With nearly 100 world top fresh beer flavors, namely, Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, Sapporo, Budvar ... Sparta will be hopefully able to meet requirement of any fresh beer lover