Sparta Warrior

Sparta Beer Club – The Hottest Beer Arena in Hanoi City

Sparta Beer Club is home to the best entertainment shows in Hanoi where you are amazed by sexy hot movements by attractive female dancers or lose yourself in entertaining songs played by young talent DJ: DJ Smoke, DJ Live, DJ Kim X, DJ Linh Eva, DJ Linh Linh, DJ Hùng Anh..



DJ Tit in a Party at Sparta Beer Club


Besides, tons of events with real fashionista dressed up in best modern clothes will be worth trying. They look attractive in sexy bikini mastering the catwalk. There’ll be also talents from popular music competitions and artists from Vietnam Circus Federation and it’s nothing short of amazing.



Sparta group in melodious dance


In particular, Sparta Beer Club also brings you unforgettable moments of top-rated gameshows - where attendants are real warriors engaging in challenges with fresh beer such as: Sparta Challenge, Warrior-stule Beer Match, Sparta Arena, Chase image capture words,…



“Colorful flowers” Collection in Breathtaking Catwalk Performance


Plentiful Menu with over 100 Kinds of Imported Fresh Beer

Sparta Beer Club menu will offer you food tour from Asia to Europe with special dishes that are highly and professionally by Chef Dzung – a well-known chef in Hanoi. Besides the menu of more than 100 dishes, SPARTA BEER CLUB also brings to the "Sparta warriors" more than 100 kinds of imported beer - a true "beer arena" for every fresh beer lover around the world.




High-ranking Space With Modern Sound & Lighting System

Inspired by the ancient Greek arena, Sparta is considered the very first beer club to make practical products from ideas.  



Also, one of the factors that builds up the No.1 classy beer arena in Ha Thanh is a professional investment into the sound and lighting system and the central stage. SPARTA BEER CLUB is the perfect destination and the best choice for all people who love fresh beer, cuisine, music, art and entertainment shows!

Evetn Organization at Sparta